Limit, Leverage, And Compete: A New Strategy On China

Melanie Hart and Kelly Magsamen at the Center for American Progress have written a compelling piece on how the U.S. should approach its relationship with China, which aligns with many of ALI's China policy recommendations. Their piece has three components- Limit, Leverage and Compete. The first section discusses limiting China's ability to exploit the U.S. system for Beijing's gain, including requiring Chinese firms to disclose their ownership structure and funding sources before entering the U.S. market, mandating transparency for U.S. educational and civil society institutions receiving Chinese government funding, as well as other measures which both shed sunshine on China's practices in the U.S. and limit their government's reach into U.S. companies, universities and civil society.

The second section recommends leveraging China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to support development needs in the developing world, by encouraging China to use BRI to contribute more fully to humanitarian assistance, sustainability efforts and disaster relief. The final section describes policy recommendations that the United States should take to be competitive with China, including launching a national competitiveness initiative. Click below to read more: