Introducing the blog -

ProgressiveEconomy is very pleased to introduce our new blog.  Here are a few comments as we get started.  Progressive Economy develops ideas and practical public policy solutions for trade, globalization, foreign policy and American competiveness to promote widely shared prosperity and opportunity, strengthen peace and security, establish and enhance the rule of law, encourage scientific and technological progress, and reduce global poverty. Former President Clinton laid the foundation for such a framework in his call to "put a human face on the global economy."

Our work produces serious but accessible analysis on complex topics, meant for engaged people.  We are pro-growth while incorporating the values of the American progressive tradition.  We favor market based policies while recognizing a robust role for government and the rule of law. We are convinced that it is important to engage in good-faith argument and principled debate, and optimistic about the power of people and ideas to bring change for the better.

Our hope is that our blog will help our friends and members share information, broaden access to little-noticed but important facts and data; and help build support for good ideas, whether they are original with us or come from the Obama Administration and its successors, scholars, NGOs, advocacy groups, Congress, other analysts, or other governments.  We will certainly use it to share our own thoughts, but we also plan to give some attention to good ideas from other sources, and on occasion interesting or perceptive critiques of our work.  And every once in a while, we hope to help friends rebut off-target ideas or criticism.